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Will Trump’s Diplomatic Debacle Push Australia to Seek Closer Ties With Asia? Asia has long been vital to Australia in terms of economic, military and political ties, but it has remained more of a transactional and pragmatic relationship rather than one based on a genuine cultural and emotional alignment, Ramesh Thakur, of the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University, tells TIME. The tyranny of distance has been replaced by the search for profits as a result of proximity there is no doubt in my mind that we are being inexorably pulled into the Asian orbit under the sheer gravitational pull of geography but it is definitely pragmatic. According to Thakur, the Australian soul remains stubbornly rooted in the West, caught in an existential struggle between history and geography in a kind of double bipolar disorder its cultural identity is transatlantic, but it is located geographically in Asia-Pacific. Its chief security guarantor is the U.S., but its biggest trading partner is China. The process of reconciling these twin tensions can be emotionally and intellectually wrenching. Vedi Hadiz, professor of Asian studies at the Asia Institute of the University of Melbourne, says progress was made under the progressive Keating administration of the 1990s, but adds that there has been a regression during the conservative administrations that followed, which wishfully dreamed of Australia as located somewhere between England and the USA. The current strong anti-immigration and antirefugee sentiments, out of proportion to reality, point to a residual domestic unease with Australias identity in region, he believes. A choice between history and geography At the same time, a dramatic new world order has shaken up all those old realities. Brexit, the isolationist and unpredictable Trump Administration, and an emboldened, expansionist China in the region may mean that Australia, finally, has to make a psychic break and choose between history and geography, observers say. Greta Nabbs-Keller, adjunct lecturer at the University of Queenslands School of Political Science and International Studies, says Trumps beration of a serving Australian Prime Minister caused consternation in Canberra policy circles, throwing the centrality of the [Australia, New Zealand and U.S.] alliance as the bedrock of Australias security in doubt. She adds, In repudiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade deal, one of two fundamental physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 pillars of the U.S. pivot to Asia [more commonly referred to as a rebalance], Trump will naturally drive Australia to look to Asia in pursuit of common interests. In the past, Australia could hide behind America when it came to China, says Hadiz. Now, the country will look with renewed energy to its giant Muslim-majority neighbor to the north as a potential bulwark and ally.